Project Description

The (SNFCC) has the largest green roof in an area, but also supports volume, which has been until now in Greece. This is the roof of Car Park. Its area is 10.000m2 and the volume of substrate used is about 13.000m3.

Our company having the certification of the German company ZinCo and cooperation with the representative in Greece e-Green and Being a member of the International Organization of green roofs (IGRA) undertook the construction. These two elements were prerequisite for participation in the selection process.

The bulk materials came to the construction site, where they are packed in Turbo Bags, and went up on the roof with the help of three construction cranes.

The thickness of the substrates was variable, consisted of four different materials and placed respecting altitudes and points taken by surveyors. A very complex task in which our company has shown very serious and responsible level of its staff.

The work was completed and certified by German supervisors, without any comment.

Green roof we did around the roof of the opera and the maintenance building.