April 2013. A dreamy journey begins …….

On 1st April 2013 we were asked to seal the containers of archaeologists, who were the first installed. It was not a lie, it was the beginning of a long and beautiful journey, which lasted three years.

Naturally the work started by the foundation. First we worked on ‘PIT’. It was the pit below the stage of the Opera. There did various tasks such as blasting, repairing and sealing leaks in the septal wall, SIKA FOUKO system installation etc.

We placed over 4,000 meters water stop on the foundations of the Library and the opera.

At the same time began to ‘built’ the hill. An artificial hill of earth, but hidden in the high mechanical and precision. We participated in sealing the stormwater management system, sealing the membrane trenches of high density polyethylene (HDPE), all wells (over 250) with cementitious sealants, and recycling containers and water purification and irrigation. Of course this park is irrigated from own wells, the ends of which sealing with a PVC synthetic membranes.

The next phase involved the insulation of roofs.
Our company undertook the insulation of roofs of key buildings. The Library, the Opera, the roof of the Opera, the Light House and the Buffer zone (building between the hill and the Library). That entire project, except the Parking building.
Along with these also sealing the imposing canal that surrounds the buildings, along with the building of the engine room.
The total area covered them, along with the channel, the housing and the sealing of the hill, exceeded 55.000 m2! The 15.000 m2 of them were made with double seals.
The materials used were mainly the SIKA and ESHA.


ΣAt this point I can only thank the J / V IMPREGILO SpA – TERNA SA and its executives.

Taking as an example the list of “thank” Stavros Niarchos Foundation and a personal note, I want to create my own list of project people, as a token of gratitude for the confidence with surrounding:

1. Vavaletsikos Costas
2. Papafilippou Michael
3. Anastasopoulos Thanassis
4. Efstratiades Anthony
5. Elias Pavlidis
6. Panagiotis Papadopoulos
7. Petros Petrakis
8. Siderakis Makis
9. Sklavenitis Thanos
10. Michael Tsikas

All these engineers are the ones with whom, syskeftika, I negotiated and finally assigned me the above tasks. I will always remember them with nostalgia. With some of them we are already in other projects and continue at the same pace.

Of course there are dozens of other members of the consortium, engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, foremen, workers, etc. with whom I worked flawlessly and thanks.

Pantelis Kostakis