Project Description

Representative Projects:

•  Building of shipping company «TROIA » with TERNA SA at Faliro, Athens: 3.000Μ2

•  Building (No 1) of KAROUSOS SA with TERNA SA at Glyfada, Athens: 2.000 Μ2

•  HYPERMARKET SKLAVENITIS, with TERNA SA at Kallithea, Athens 7.800 Μ2

•  Office building of KLIMART SA at Marousi, Athens: 2.000 m2

•  Building of shipping company PARICOM LIMITED at Faliro, Athens: 3.000Μ2

•  Building of shipping company PARAGON at Voula, Athens: 4.000 Μ2

•  Office building of «YDROGEIOS ASPHALISTIKI» in Athens: 3.500 Μ2

•  Office building of AC-project, at Gyzi: 850 m2

•  Building of nursery with Ergon International at Karditsa, Greece: 3.500Μ2

•  Office building of Mardi Real Estate at Kallithea: 1.500M2

•  Other smaller watertight basins with double membrane and partitioning and near the sea, from 300 to 1,200 M2 in Zakynthos, Nafpaktos, Chalkida, Piraeus.

Important Note:
Our company carries out inspections with AIR TEST, in the presence of a representative of the construction site in all the seams of the membrane and delivers the sealing basin fully impermeable, proven. Under certain conditions, a long-term guarantee can also be given.